It was a balmy day in May, 1986 at my Dad’s Tobacco Farm in Southern, ON Canada … a welcome change from a cold Canadian Spring … My event buddy, Crafty Greg and I just finished loading the Skate Board/BMX half pipe that we were transporting and setting up at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Crafty suggested that we take a photogenic mascot along with us this time for fowl joke. Being on the road a lot as a former Motocross Racer and Promoter, I’ve had a lot of strange experiences. Lately I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams of Ducks and Geese chasing me out of the bush on the farm while riding my motocross bike…Freaken crazy duck delusions.. As I’m rushing around I yelled over to Greg, “Hey Crafty my Grandmother has a few plastic Swan planters over here!”…I lopped off the head, as redemption from the fowl dreams, I guess, Crafty had a broken shovel handle…we both looked at each other laughing…shoved the head onto the handle..Duck taped it on…Viola Shovelduck!!!!


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