We are committed to continuing to improve our environmental performance, minimizing our environmental impact and making resource efficiency a core requirement of all our operations.We will seek to promote good practice by others.



Brantford Ribfest will monitor and manage its consumption and use of energy. We will work to reduce the consumption of energy and to reduce our contribution to emissions of gases and other pollutants which are believed to contribute to climate change.


We will work to reduce the consumption of water within our festival and reduce discharges.


Brantford Ribfest will work to reduce the volume of waste within its festival, by wherever possible,

  • reducing consumption of
  • repairing
  • re-using
  • recycling

all materials used within its festival both in daily operations and in construction and other projects.


Brantford Ribfest will monitor and work to reduce its contribution to environmental emissions from travel undertaken for business purposes.


Brantford Ribfest will purchase goods and services to minimize adverse environmental effects. Brantford Ribfest will seek to undertake sustainable procurement actions that comply with regulatory requirements and Ontario Government policy on public procurement and its requirement to provide best value.

Brantford Ribfest will use local suppliers where appropriate and will encourage its suppliers to commit to improving environmental performance.


Where possible, Brantford Ribfest will monitor and manage its consumption and use of other resources and materials used within its festival, working to minimize our reliance on non-renewable resources and to avoid use of any hazardous substances.


Brantford Ribfest will seek to enhance the biodiversity value of its festival.


We recognize the responsibility staff have in contributing to good environmental management. Brantford Ribfest will seek to harness and channel the enthusiasm and interest shown by staff and will provide appropriate information and support to ensure that all staff exercise their environmental responsibility.


Brantford Ribfest will encourage our visitors to cherish our environment so that it can be appreciated by future generations. We will seek to raise awareness amongst our visitors of the impact that tourism can have and what they can do to reduce their impact.


Brantford Ribfest will promote environmental good practice to its business partners, encouraging a shared responsibility to protecting the environment that brings so many of our visitors.

Brantford Ribfest will incorporate the principles set out in this environmental policy into its day to day operations developing appropriate:

  • procedures for day-to-day operations
  • annual targets
  • action plans

The annual targets and action plan will be reviewed quarterly, and the targets will be reported annually.