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Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Kinsmen Club of Brantford and Brantford Ribfest in 2024

The final numbers are still being calculated but we do know that in excess of 30,000 people visit Ribfest over the weekend yearly and we raised a new record amount of donations at the gate ($3,200.00) for charity. Funds that will help many of the local charities that the Kinsmen Club of Brantford support.

The Brantford Ribfest committee are already hard at work planning this year’s event. Countless hours are spend throughout the year organizing and planning for this event. Without the support of the many sponsors we have, some have been with us from day 1, this event would not be able to get off the ground as the expenses and money spent prior to Ribfest is substantial.

When you sponsor a charity event such as Ribfest there is the immediate gratification of knowing that you are supporting a worthwhile charity event. Your sponsorship dollars are used to help organize and fund set up for the event each year. With our sponsors onside early in the year we know the event has been paid for before the gates swing open on that August Friday afternoon.

Part of the Ribfest planning and preparation stages means contacting sponsors and potential sponsors in order to get commitments for the coming event. As a business owner or professional in our community, the following list provides ten great reasons why you might want to consider being a partner with Kinsmen for Ribfest 2024.

Reason #1: Targeted Marketing:
With over 30,000 people in attendance in 2018, 2019 and a 12-year history in the community, this event brings in families, business owners, and community leaders throughout the weekend. This is a tremendous opportunity to put your company’s name and marketing messages to a dedicated and strong Brantford audience.

Reason #2: Create and Enhance Credibility:
Often company’s will struggle to get a larger profile outside of their own market or industry. A partnership with Kinsmen will provide a diverse and large audience to introduce your company and products to.

Reason #3: Media Exposure:
Your Partnership with Ribfest will benefit from extended exposure in social media, print, and radio. We are a different source of media exposure that carries a positive social value and is seen as less commercial.

Reason #4: Brand Awareness and Recognition:
Name and Logo placement and acknowledgment leading up to, including and post event promotion will help foster brand awareness and build good will throughout the community.

Reason #5: Generate New Sales Opportunities and Business Partnerships
It takes many people and companies to host Ribfest each year. This is a very diverse group of people which provides an excellent networking opportunity to generate new business and strategic partnerships.

Reason #6: Community Involvement and Giving Back:
Successful people and companies know that it is important to be involved in the community you do business in. A partnership with Kinsmen will demonstrate your support for the community and the worthwhile causes that Kinsmen supports locally. Companies that show generosity for a cause will spark more human interest and appeal to the patrons of the event and within the community.

Reason #7: Demonstrations, Samples, New Markets.
What better place to introduce a new product to the community or test market strategies amongst your local clients. Ribfest provides a large diverse market that is receptive to new products and ideas.

Reason #8: Tax deductions:
A partnership with Kinsmen can be used as a marketing/advertising expense. You do need to check with your accounting professional first…

Reason #9: Lead Generation
A partnership with Kinsmen will give you the opportunity to promote your company, its products, and services. This is a great opportunity to meet your clients and potential clients face to face and help build a large lead or contact list.

Reason #10: Association
Being associated with a strong and vibrant Brantford Kinsmen Club that is part of a Canada-wide organization with a proven record of improving lives for people around the country.

Above lists just a few reasons why you might want to consider partnering with Kinsmen for the 2024 Ribfest. This is a true win/win event for everyone involved! Where else can your associate your name and company with an event that has been as successful as Ribfest!

Sponsorship statistics and marketing can be found at Sponsor Information Package.

For further detailed information on Sponsorship Level benefits and on how to partner with us in 2024 please see links below.

There are several levels of sponsorship to consider with each their own benefits. Listed below they are:

Now select the Sponsorship level which best suits your desired level of exposure and budget by completing the Ribfest Sponsorship Form (.pdf) below and submitting it along with your payment.

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There are two levels of media sponsorship to consider with each their own benefits. Listed below they are:

Now select the Media Sponsorship level which best suits your desired level of exposure and budget by completing the Ribfest Media Sponsorship Form (.pdf) below and submitting it along with your media package.

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SPONSORSHIP – when a business makes a donation to a Non-profit and in return, receives advertising or promotion of its brand, products or services. As per Canada Revenue Agency (Policy CSP-S13), tax receipts cannot be issued for sponsorships as they are not considered gifts. Brantford Kinsmen Ribfest cannot issue a donation receipt where a corporation/business receives a material advantage such as promotion or advertising in return, BUT the corporation can claim the contribution as an advertising expense when provided with a business receipt from the Organization.

To qualify for inclusion on t-shirts and/or printed documents/media and giveaways, commitment must be received no later than June 15, 2024.

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