Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put my garbage?

  • We are working to be a very Green Festival. Please see our Green pages on the website. Help us our by putting your waste in the proper receptacle.

What is the cost of admission?

  • Free!

Do you accept vendors?

  • Yes we accept all kinds of vendors. Market to be considered as a craft vendor. Food to be considered as a food vendor(excluding ribbers). Ribbers to be considered for a Ribber

Do vendors accept Visa / Mastercard / Bank cards?

  • Some may, but there are ATMs on site.

Who supplies the ribs?

  • Individual rib vendors make their own supplier arrangements.

Do you serve beef ribs?

  • Yes, some rib teams have beef as well.

What other kinds of foods are available?

  • Chicken, hot dogs, sausages, pizza, roasted corn, baked potatoes, French fries, fried onions, donuts, funnel cakes, elephant ears, pop corn, ice cream, candies, lemonade, old fashion soda, candy floss, candy apples, snow cones, caramel corn, nachos, beer nuts and more…

Are there vegetarian foods available?

  • Some. please see above question.

What is the price of ribs this year?

  • All food vendors set their own prices. All prices are tax included.

Can I bring my dog or other pets?

  • No. We all love them however due to the heat, the crowds, food nature of event pets are prohibited in the event area. Also for the comfort of other spectators. And potentially other animals are all factors that are not doing your pet any favors. Pets

Where can I park?

  • There is lots of Parking on the festival grounds. There are adjacent parking lots and a parking garage within walking distance of the festival. Map to view parking information.

Where is Handicap parking or drop-off?

  • Handicapped parking is in the middle parking lot. Find a volunteer for assistance information.

Does public transportation run near the festival site? What is the schedule for the transit?

  • For local bus routes and information please Transit.

What if it rains?

  • This is an outdoor Festival, we are open rain or shine. But in the event of severe weather e.g. lightning, high winds, the shows and Festival will cease operations and the park will be evacuated until it is safe to resume. Remember your sunscreen!

Can I bring my bicycle into the park?

  • Ride your bike to the Festival. Please dismount when you get to the Festival. Bike, e-bike & scooters must be outside festival grounds at all times and can be locked up along the upper fenced area.

Are children allowed in?

  • Yes, on all dates until 9:00pm.

What are the hours of operation?

  • Friday 4 pm to 11 pm,
  • Saturday 11am to 11 pm and
  • Sunday, 11am to 7 pm.
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What bands are playing/when?

  • Bands to view the band listings.

Can my band play during ribfest?

  • We accept applications from bands to play during ribfest. Visit our ENTERTAINER page to be added to our band listings.

Nearby camping?

  • Brant Conservation Area. Camping to view.

Why should I volunteer?

  • Volunteering allows you to be part of a team to learn, increase skills, build meaningful relationships, earn recognition and gain valuable job experience. Volunteer.

Will there be seating at the festival?

  • There will be a tented seating and non-tented seating. Guests are welcome to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

What if I need medical attention at the festival?

  • Paramedics will be on duty at the festival at all times

What if I become separated from my family?

  • If you should become separated from your child please report the incident to the nearest police officer or to the administration/volunteer tent. Found children will be brought to the Paramedics tent to wait for their parents. You may visit the Paramedics/administration/volunteer tent obtain a wristband ID for your child to wear during the festival.

Can I vote for my favorite ribs?

  • You be the judge! Vote for your favorite ribs by filling out the People’s Choice Ballot. Ballots and ballot boxes will be located at the administration/volunteer tent and obtained at all ribber booths. We want to hear from you!

Can I buy a festival souvenir?

  • The main administration/volunteer tent for the festival, where you can get festival information or purchase a souvenir T-shirt or water bottle.

Will the festival have activities for children?

Is smoking allowed?

  • City of Brantford Clean Air By-law, prohibit smoking on Ribfest grounds but is allowed off festival grounds. We encourage all guests to be considerate of your fellow Festival visitors. We ask that you refrain from smoking while standing in lines. There will be no smoking on festival grounds.

When is the Opening Ceremony?

  • The Opening Ceremony will be held at approximately 4:00pm on stage on Friday afternoon.

When are the Award Ceremonies?

  • The awards will be announced and given out on Sunday afternoon at approximately 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm.

Are there any Gluten Free ribs/food?

  • Yes there are a some. Please ask the server at their individual booths for more information

Are there any festival rules?

Not Permitted

Visitors are advised not to bring

  • No Glass bottles or any glass containers
  • NO outside food/beverages or coolers. Backpacks may be checked.
  • No Unauthorized vending, handbills, petitioning or solicitation
  • No Weapons
  • No outside alcohol to the Festival

Alcohol is available for purchase in the designated beer garden tent area. No alcohol is permitted outside this designated areas including the bands area or anywhere else in the Park. No outside alcohol is allowed.

All visitors backpacks and bags are subject to search and if any items are found are subject to removal from the Festival.

Please Do!

  • Bring blankets or lawn chairs
  • Enjoy the music
  • Eat lots of ribs
  • Have a great time

Keep the Rib Fest alive by purchasing your food and drink from festival vendors!