Sponsoring this level gets you everything listed below:

  • •Naming sponsor of Ribber Row
  • •Company logo / name featured on the official event posters, schedule handout & *Monthly Newsletter
  • •Company name to appear on sponsor board
  • •Company logo / name promoted on the Ribfest website
  • •Company name announced highly during Ribfest weekend
  • •Company logo / name featured on the Large Video Display at ribfest
  • •Company logo inclusion on event t-shirts
  • •*Access to our new VIP Area – Meet & Greet with bands
  • •Company logo / name to appear at Ribber Row
  • •Company logo / name mentioned in each media release submitted to media partners
  • •Recognition through Brantford Kinsmen and Ribfest Social Media (Facebook & Twitter Accounts)
  • •Onsite activation/promotional display opportunity
  • •15 Free Rib Meals & Preferred Parking

*Highlighted are newly added to the package 2019*